A viable opposition?

Over the weekend, various leaders of UMNO, the MCA, the MIC, and Gerakan held press conferences saying that they would do a post-mortem, and then decide how best to reform themselves to form a “viable opposition”. Forgive me while I step outside to throw up.

I mean, what part of the election didn’t these guys understand? Haven’t they been watching the news or reading the papers? It’s all filled head-to-toe with details of how MO1 and his wife have been systematically robbing our country. From a BILLION ringgit in cash stored in fake walls to over 200 Birkin bags, don’t these BN leaders know that most – if not all – Malaysians hold them complicit in the thievery?

Let me put it in even simpler terms. Why would we trust these clowns to hold the new government to account – when they didn’t even do this WHEN THEY WERE IN THE CABINET? Remember how Rosmah told people not to go overboard when buying Hari Raya goodies for the family? Or Najib telling those who were struggling to make ends meet to go and drive Uber? Wow, the nerve of these two…. Yet, all the while the BN leadership – who want to be a “viable opposition” – kept silent.

I think the Gerakan Youth leader (Tan Keng Lian; it was reported in the Star) thought he was being clever when he reminded Dr M that PH forbade the PM to hold more than one portfolio in its manifesto. He called it a “gentle reminder”. Dude, you can be clever all you want, but my question is why didn’t you remind Najib that stealing billions of ringgit is against the law? Idiot.

Bottom line – they can’t be a “viable opposition” because nobody trusts them. They’re just like that annoying relative who always tries to sell you insurance or get you involved in some sort of MLM scheme. We loathe them because, deep down, we know they couldn’t give a toss about us. They just want us for our money.

Most Malaysians are usually just too polite to tell them to bugger off. Well, if GE14 was anything to go by, I think we’ve spoken loudly and clearly this time!

A LOT HAS ALSO been made about the appointment of Dr Maszlee Malik as Education Minister. Some people say he’s a Salafist, while others say that he sympathises with the Muslim Brotherhood. I’m no Middle East expert, but I know enough that you can’t be a Salafist and support the Muslim Brotherhood at the same time, as they are diametrically opposed to each other.

The Salafists support the ultra-conservative monarchies of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia. Basically, they want to return Islamic society to the days of the Prophet. The Brotherhood, on the other hand, want to build an Islamic society based on modern institutions. If I’m not mistaken, Amanah models their concept of governance based on this template.

Regardless, my stance is let’s judge Dr Maszlee on what he DOES, rather than what he believes. When I worked in a factory, I learned not to wait for a 100% solution; it will never come. If you really believe in improvement and change, it’s much better to take the 50% solution that is available immediately, and build from there. The awful truth is that our education system is so bad at the moment that if Dr Maszlee can improve it – no matter how slightly – it will be an accomplishment. Besides, Ong Kian Meng (the DAP MP for Bangi) has publicly vouched for Dr Maszlee. I don’t think he would support a nutcase, so let’s give him a chance.

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