Arul’s a stinking liar – but he’s probably going to get away with it

In yesterday’s Malay Mail Online (23 May 2018), our Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng, said that a 1MDB director, Datuk Kamal Mohd Ali, basically admitted that as much as RM 9.8 billion worth of investments parked abroad by 1MDB were a “scam”. To top it off, 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda said that he was clueless when asked the value of the investments – or if they even existed at all. The reason for his sudden amnesia? He’s been on gardening leave.

Contrast this to the video of him in Bangsar that circulated on May 8 – right before the election. In it, he pleads with the crowd to let him answer. Well, Arul, the Finance Minister gave you your chance, and all you could say was that you’ve been on gardening leave? In fact, there was another video of you right after the Bangsar event saying that you were disappointed with PH leaders for not turning up to challenge you. When Guan Eng challenged you this time, you sure came up with a good one, eh?

What happened yesterday at the Finance Ministry, Arul? Did you buckle under pressure?

All this while, you’ve been telling the country that 1MDB is solvent (i.e. able to meet its obligations). Yet, when the truth has finally come out, you’re suddenly clueless. Arul, YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

The sad part, however, is that his sudden cluelessness is probably a legal gambit. I mean, he didn’t start 1MDB; he merely became CEO once everything started falling apart. As for his public statements as to the solvency of 1MDB, he’ll probably say that – at most – he was mistaken. Sure, he’ll be guilty of being a really LOUSY executive and investment banker…but, unfortunately, that’s not a crime.

We all want him tried for treason, which carries a death penalty, but he’s just going to feign stupidity. Sure, his reputation is in tatters, but a smart boy like him would have squirrelled enough money away to last a lifetime. So, just lay low and take the condemnation for a while, and then get out of the country! Sure beats spending time in prison.

That’s the legal system, I’m afraid. And if you know how to manipulate it, you can escape, no matter how guilty you are. It’s just like some Malaysians who said that putting Najib (and Rosmah) on a travel ban right after the elections was wrong. Their reasoning was that if you want to take away (some of) his rights, then charge him with a crime. The problem with that is how can you charge anyone with a crime if there haven’t been any investigations? Yet, do you expect me to believe that these two thieving bastards would actually return from their brief “family holiday”?

Come on. When a house is on fire, you don’t expect the fireman to knock on the door and ask if he can come in to put out the fire, do you? Yet this is what some Malaysians actually said to me. You’re probably right theoretically, but when Arul thumbs his nose at us from wherever he’s escaped to, let me know what you think.

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