Why does Ridhuan Tee hate so much?

I’ve often wondered what could drive someone like Ridhuan Tee to be what he is. I mean it’s pretty clear that this guy hates himself so much that he’s taken on a new persona. It’s not even about converting to another religion; I have many friends who’ve converted, but to my knowledge, none espouse so much hatred.

So, when a psychiatrist friend from the US came for a visit, I took the opportunity to ask what could drive someone to such self-loathing. He basically said that someone from the group he displays so much animosity towards (i.e. the “kiasu” people) must have abused him when he was a child. When I suggested physical abuse, my friend said while that was possible, it’s unlikely because he doesn’t seem to have any physical scars. In his learned opinion, it had to be some form of sexual abuse – and for the hatred to be so deep-rooted, it must have been done repeatedly.

Now I’m a pretty liberal guy, so I’m pretty much OK with whatever gets you off – as long as it’s between consenting adults. Key word being “adults”. I draw the line at pedophilia (I’m not too keen on that bestiality stuff, either, but who am I to judge?) You have to be a sick demented evil individual to abuse a defenseless child.

I have no way of knowing if this is the truth (I’ve thankfully never met the man), but Ridhuan, if indeed you were repeatedly raped as a child, please seek some professional help. You will see that not all “kiasu” people are bad.

SO JAMAL “Red Shirts” Yusof has run off to Indonesia, eh? What a joke. Jamal, you were nothing buy a typical bully. As all bullies do when their intended victims stand up to them, you ran away. But the joke gets even funnier.

According to Jamal, “powerful people” want to apprehend him, so in a video that he released, he pleaded for help and protection from Tan Sri Muhyiddin. When asked about this by a reporter, our Home Minister asked back: “Want to protect from what?” HAHAHA!

The joke’s on you, Jamal. All the really “powerful people” are busy saving the country from the thievery that your boss (and his cronies) did. Either that or they’re busy trying to stop these crooks from liquidating all their assets and leaving the country – like that video of “well-connected” people selling their luxury cars at massive discounts show. See, Jamal? That’s how low down the pecking order you are – so low that you don’t even have anything for the MACC to go after. At least Musa Aman ran off to London. Where are you Jamal? In the middle of an Indonesian palm oil estate? Why are you even still a Datuk?

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