Don’t let the slime balls get away with it!

There seems to be a new scandal every day. First, we had 1MDB. That was followed in rapid succession by Tabung Haji, Felda, and MARA. Then we had the SRC (part of 1MDB), and the pipelines. Now, Pharmaniaga wants to get in on the act.

What’s really worrying is that these are the scandals that the new government have either uncovered or are actively investigating. How about the stuff that is alleged, but has not been acted upon by the authorities…yet? I’m of course talking about the mismanagement of Sarawak during Taib’s leadership (i.e. the actual reason why the Sarawak Report was established in the first place), military land, and PFI. My friend told me that the latter was old news, circulating on WhatsApp back in 2014. But why should we get fussy?

While I wonder how rich Malaysia would be if the country had been better run, my immediate concern is how many of these perpetrators will get away with it. For example, as I predicted in my earlier article that Arul Kanda would plead guilty to being a lousy CEO, he also pointed out that that wassn’t against the law.

More worryingly, to a layman like me, Jho Low – the alleged architect of the 1MDB scandal – didn’t commit any crime. Here’s my thinking; see if it makes sense (remember, I don’t have any legal training, so if you don’t agree, please be gentle). To me, the whole 1MDB affair is like buying a second-hand car.

In this scenario, Jho Low is the used car salesman, and 1MDB is the sucker who has just walked onto the lot. Without being too disparaging towards used car salesmen, we all know that they tend to – let’s see, what term shall we use? – overestimate the quality of the cars that they’re selling. That’s why the guy who wants to buy has to at least take the car out for a test drive.

Likewise, Jho Low’s cars were the various investment opportunities that he presented to 1MDB. Just as a used car dealer would do, Jho Low told 1MDB that – in his professional opinion (remember, he’s a Wharton graduate) – these were good investments. Unlike the guy buying a used car, however, it looks like the people running 1MDB never even bothered to look at the opportunity (or maybe they rejected the opportunity but were overruled?). Much less take a test drive. So, once these “investments” went belly up, was Jho Low really at fault?

The corruption part seems to be on the 1MDB side. I mean, it really looks like once this “investment method” was discovered, Najib decided to raise easy money by transferring government assets to 1MDB at a pittance (e.g. Sg Besi land). Yeah, you might say that Jho Low is complicit by funneling that money back to Najib, but I suspect it’s going to be really difficult to prove this. I mean, nobody is STUPID enough to put that money directly into his own personal bank account, right? Oh… Well, Jho Low isn’t that stupid, right?

I really hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling that – at most – they’re only going to get Jho Low on relatively trivial stuff. {t will just be a slap on the wrist – not what most Malaysians want (personally, I think hanging would be a good target for our new AG).

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